Latest Stories

Latest Stories


My May Mayhem

My May Mayhem



What a wonderful fun-packed month May was, it saw me travelling around the country and jetting off to Berlin. I spent time working on my crafts, both in Domination and...

Dominating in Dudley - KC

Dominating in Dudley - Kinky Consent Summer Blowout August 24th




I love to socialise with amazing Dommes and go to brilliant dungeon parties and fetish events. As you...

Anal Play

Anal Play 



Anal play covers any activity where the anus is stimulated. This can be very pleasurable for both men and women and no, it doesn't make a guy gay if he enjoys...

Domme Tour to Scotland and Double Domme with Mistress Saffyre Knight

Domme Tour To Scotland and Double Domme With Mistress Saffyre Knight



I love touring different towns and cities around the country and have now decided to take Myself further afield...

Guest Domme at Kinky Consent

Guest Domme at Kinky Consent 



Kinky Consent has just celebrated their first birthday and I loved attending the birthday party in May. Even better, I was then asked by Mistress...

Impact Play

The pain and pleasure of impact Play 



The art of causing pain and pleasure with a myriad of possible implements is often the cornerstone to a submissive's fantasies. The...

Mistress On The Move

Mistress on the Move



Bank Holiday weekend is almost upon us which for most people means making plans, catching up with people and hopefully having a rest. Well, I am not most people...


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